We are committed to providing high-quality legal services to clients in Australia and abroad in all major areas, including Property Law, Divorce & Family Law, Civil Disputes, Litigation, Commercial Law, Wills and Estates. We use ingenuity & creativity to best address our clients’ needs and work to rigorously achieve their goals.
NS Legal Pty Ltd adheres to professional development, led by partners and senior lawyers who are professional leaders in the field. The firm assigns corresponding departments to handle cases based on their professional characteristics and collaborates across multiple departments in cases involving cross-disciplinary areas, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality and most professional legal services.
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As a leader in the family law firm industry, we focus on providing Australian family law, probate law and other related legal solutions. While providing high-quality services, we maintain a keen legal insight, adhere to the international and professional development model, and strive to become "the most recognized professional law firm by clients".
Star Union Law Firm has always adhered to the spirit of focus, ultimate pursuit, innovative concept and open mind, with a professional team of lawyers, efficient working mode and innovative working methods, to become a law firm trusted by clients. Based in Australia, Starlink will be your trusted partner.
Starlink always puts customer needs in the first place, understands and respects customer goals and needs, is committed to providing customers with professional and personalized services, effectively safeguard customer interests, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. Star Link has the professional ability and outstanding advantages to provide clients with cross-regional and all-legal quality legal services.

Common Australian legal issues

  • What are the basic requirements for bringing an action in Australia?
    In Australia, just because a dispute does not necessarily allow you to go to court and start proceedings, you have to meet the basic requirements to start proceedings. Generally, you have to have a cause of action, which can be created by law or case law.
  • How do I prepare a prosecution document (indictment) in Australia?
    To initiate litigation proceedings, the plaintiff needs to first submit a Complaint and Statement of Claim to the court, which needs to contain the basic background of the case, the legal basis of the lawsuit, and the amount and method of compensation that the plaintiff wants to claim.
  • If you are the defendant, how should you prepare to answer?
    The defendant is required to contest the plaintiff's claim within the time prescribed by law after receiving a copy of the complaint served by the plaintiff, and the time limit required for filing the defense may vary from court to court. In the County Court of Victoria, for example, the defendant is required to file a Notice of appearance within 10 days of receiving a copy of the other party's indictment and a Defence within 30 days after that. In the defense, the defendant has the right to express any statement against the plaintiff's claim.

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